Carbohydrates #1 Worst Ever


Carbohydrates #1 Worst Ever

And the #1 worst carbohydrates ever …

High Fructose Corn Syrup
Although high fructose corn syrup (called HFCS and “corn sugar”) may sound healthy, it really is anything but. This dirt cheap, chemically-altered sweetener shuts down leptin, a stout-regulating hormone in your body that is responsible for sending “hunger signals” from your stomach to your brain.
CarbohydratesEssentially leptin lets you know when you’re full. And when your brain doesn’t get the message, you keep eating and eating and eating while the manufacturers of high fructose corn syrup, and the products that contain it, keep making more and more and more money.

Though, Carbohydrates aren’t the enemy ! Read On …

Here’s an example from a recent study. Test subjects were divided into two groups—one was given a glucose (sugar) beverage to add to their diet, while the other assemble was given a beverage containing high fructose corn syrup to add to their diets. While both test groups gained consequence, the assemble consuming high fructose corn syrup packed on intra-abdominal stout (or belly stout).
Why is that so startling?
It’s because this particular kind of stout causes diabetes and heart disease. So, not only is high fructose corn syrup causing you to eat more than you should, it is literally putting your shape at risk.
According to the U.S. Specialty of Agriculture, the average American consumes 42 pounds of HFCS a year. That’s more than 75,000 empty calories that have no nutritional value! What’s more, teenagers are consuming 15 to 20 teaspoons of HFCS a day when they need to be eating nutrient-dense foods for growth and lifelong shape.
It’s no wonder that The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition says that HFCS use increased by 4,000% between 1970 and 1990. The manufacturers of HFCS really are cashing in huge… just like drug dealers… while America is adding belly stout at a very perilous rate.
Speaking of a drug, have you ever indulged in a sweet dessert that just wouldn’t fill you up no matter how much you ate? One of those treats that you have no self-control over, like, oh, I don’t know… maybe soft drinks, fruit juices, energy drinks, ice cream, pudding, jellies, most “stout-free” foods, chocolate, crackers, cereals, syrups, candies, or desserts? If that’s the case, you may want to try out out the food mark. Chances are it contains a large amount of high fructose corn syrup.
And remember, on American food marks ingredients are listed in order of the most abundant to the least. So if, for example, you see HFCS listed anywhere in the initially five ingredients, that’s very terrible. Instead, you’ll want to choose a version that doesn’t contain HFCS at all.
As an alternative to HFCS, I recommend the new zero- or low-calorie sweeteners like truvia™, Z-Sweet®, and Sun Crystals™ that are made with natural sources, such as erythritol and stevia. You can find these at most grocery stores. These natural sweeteners can be used instead of sugar packets in your hot beverages, on oatmeal, and even in baked goods to some extent.
Carbohydrates Alternative
It’s vital to remember that you should use all sugar alternatives, even natural ones, sparingly. Let your body learn that it doesn’t need sweets all the time to be satisfied, and you’ll be on the quick track to better shape.
Now, while High Fructose Corn Syrup just may be one of the #1 worst carbohydrates ever, does that mean you should be avoiding ALL carbohydrates ? Categorically not! Carbohydrates aren’t the enemy, just like stout isn’t…these nutrients are a healthy part of any wholesome stout-burning diet.
But, even when choosing healthy sources, carbohydrates are one of those tough nutrients that we could all stand to have a small help with. Fortunately for you, my excellent friend Josh Bezoni made a HUGE mistake this past week, and his mistake is 100% your benefit. You'll see what I mean when you click over to the next page
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